Our team was presented with the unique challenge of raising 30k for a home repair project with a particularly outstanding need: a new bathroom build for a senior citizen who had previously only had an outhouse. At the time that the project arose, we had already exhausted our existing donor base with our annual November and December fundraisers, so we had to get creative. We ended up developing a comprehensive fundraising campaign that secured new funding using PR, grant resources, social media, and grassroots methods. 

Client: Southern Crescent Habitat for Humanity
Fundraising campaign strategy and management, photography, video, social media strategy, public relations, event production, direct mail: Trisha Pintavorn
Fundraising campaign strategy and coordination, grant-writing, event production: Megan Hepker
Graphic design: Justin Biggs


  • $30,200 in donations raised, 571% increase from organization's average

  • Featured by 11Alive, CBS News, Sweet Danni J Show, and The Citizen

  • Two successful grant applications for a total of $9,000

  • 410+ organic social shares

  • In-kind donation of septic tank and installation ($4,000 value) from a local business

  • 80+ skilled and unskilled volunteers engaged on project

  • $0 spent!

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 11.36.06 AM.png

Direct Mail

Created a direct mail campaign targeting previous donors who live in Mr. Prayor's area.  200% return on investment. To read his appeal letter, click here

GoFundMe + Media Features

Asked a prominent volunteer living in Fayette County to run a GoFundMe that resulted in 410+ organic shares of the campaign with over $6800 raised. Stories from 11 Alive News, CBS News, and a front page feature in the local paper The Citizen ran concurrently to the campaign, driving more donations. No costs incurred. 

Featured story on Sweet Danni J Show + Construction

Construction work began on the project, with volunteers from different prominent groups such as Wells Fargo, Fayette Health clinic, and more. Mr. Walter and I were invited on The Sweet Danni J show, a local talk show, as well to share more about the project and the Southern Crescent Habitat story. 

Outhouse No More Celebration 

At Habitat for Humanity, home build and home repair projects are finished with a house blessing to celebrate the hard work and determination of a deserving family. At the conclusion of the project, we welcomed back Mr. Prayor's donors and volunteers to see the finished work and an emotional thank you from the family that brought us all to tears.